ICoNiChem is the new brand name of the former Shepherd Widnes business based in Cheshire, UK. We manufacture a range of inorganic Cobalt and Nickel chemicals at our UK manufacturing facility in Widnes and supply our products to customers around the world.

We continue to make significant improvements to our processing capabilities and finished product characteristics to meet evolving customer requirements. The onsite laboratory capability ensures strict quality control of all product characteristics and our R&D facility supports product and process development.

The Widnes site manufactures Cobalt and Nickel compounds with product specifications tailored for use in a wide range of industries such as rubber adhesion promoters, catalyst, pigments, ceramics, and animal feed.

Our REACH registered product range includes:

  • Cobalt Acetate
  • Cobalt Chloride
  • Cobalt Sulphate
  • Cobalt Nitrate
  • Cobalt Hydroxide
  • Cobalt Carbonate
  • Cobalt Oxide
  • Nickel Carbonate

Our manufacturing facility is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FEMAS (the UK’s Feed Materials Assurance Scheme)


Corporate Details

ICoNiChem Widnes Ltd
Moss Bank Road
Cheshire WA8 0RU
England, UK

Call: +44 (0)151 424 9156

VAT Number: GB 643776019

ICoNiChem Widnes Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales and registered at Companies House with number 9839967.
ICoNiChem Widnes Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICoNiChem Group Limited, a company registered in England and Wales and registered with Companies House with number 9745318.