The Right Technology

ICoNiChem has advanced technology to drive your success. Expertise in custom metal chemistry, built on almost 50 years of continuous operation at our Widnes location will exceed your expectations.


ICoNiChem are true specialists in transition metal chemistry. We provide high grade cobalt and nickel salts for both traditional applications and emerging markets. Our product design capability offers customers bespoke solutions in specification, packaging and delivery.


Great Chemistry

Our chemical expertise in transition metal salts and organo aqueous liquid separation media allow us to deliver high quality specification within our product directed exactly to the customer requirement.


Quality Systems

We are proud of our quality management and environmental systems. The Widnes site is qualified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. ICoNiChem is also registered by FEMAS for supply of food grade products. The site is also a top tier COMAH registered facility.


Great Products

ICoNiChem offers a wide range of high quality cobalt and nickel salts in solution, precipitate and crystalline form. Our specifications are tailored to individual applications and customer needs.


About Us

Brief Overview

As manufacturers of cobalt and nickel chemicals, our track record of value creation and world class customer service has made us a trusted partner in the industry for more than 40 years.
In collaboration with our customers, our mission is to grow our specialty chemical business based on quality and manufacturing excellence using 100% ethically sourced raw materials. We will provide consumers with products using sustainable transition metal compounds developed by a compact focused organisation, which bring real benefits to people in a modern world.


The original company formed at the Moss Lane site now occupied by ICoNiChem was named Chemcat and started production in the late 1970s. The original product offering included cobalt products in addition to manganese nitrate and Raney nickel for catalysts. The Shepherd Chemical company acquired the site in June 1995 and developed it for inorganic cobalt compounds. The site was renamed Shepherd Widnes Ltd and remained so until The Shepherd Chemical Company agreed to an amicable divestment in 2015. GIL Investments acquired Shepherd Widnes in August 2016 and has since made significant improvements to its processing capabilities. ICoNiChem Group Ltd was subsequently acquired on 9th December 2020 by the controlling shareholders of Cengiz Holdings AS, the ultimate parent of Eti Bakir AS. The shareholders have a significant investment plan to grow the business for current products whilst developing new offerings which diversify into other transition metal chemistry.