Within the ever-changing chemical industry ICoNiChem is a true specialist and expert in transition metal chemicals. We provide high grade cobalt and nickel salts for both traditional applications and emerging markets. Our product design capability offers the potential for individual solutions in specification, packaging and delivery leading to bespoke customer solutions. Synthesis and separation techniques deliver a high level of purity and reproducibility.


Research and Development

Our chemical expertise in transition metal salts and organo aqueous liquid separation media allow us to deliver high quality specification within our product directed exactly to the customer requirement. Whilst currently focusing on Cobalt and Nickel our R&D chemists and production facility has a history in working in other transition metals and we are happy to consider complementary product developments which lead to value for our customers

Analytical capability

ICoNiChem has invested in advanced analytical capability in house and our purpose built laboratory is equipped with modern technology utilised for both routine QA and QC work together with customer driven development projects. Previous customer collaborations  have for example, involved the redesign of physical properties of our products to enhance performance. Routinely in use are ICP [Inductively couple plasma] spectrometry; Particle size analysis Ion chromatography; Carbon sulphur analysis; Carbon and nitrogen analysis and Specific surface area determination. Our Cobalt analysis is provided by EDTA Auto titration.